Please Ensure you read through the Terms Of Service & VSUAP.

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Policy User & Acceptance Condtions
VSUAP & Terms of Services

Terms of Service (TOS) and Virtual Server Acceptable Uses Policy (VSAUP)


Our Virtual Server Acceptable Uses Policy (VSAUP) exists for the collective benefit of all of our clients.

We have implemented these rules as a measure to protect us from unwanted activities and in order to provide our clients with the most reliable and best overall hosting services and features possible.
Our Virtual Server Acceptable Uses Policy is only a portion of our Contract for Virtual Server which you agreed to when you opened your account with us. We ask that as a client you please respect and follow our Virtual Server Acceptable Uses Policy and our Contract for Virtual Servers.
We do not have the resources to police thousands of websites 24 hours a day, but if we do find that your website is in violation of our AUP or Contract, we reserve the right to terminate your account without notice, solely at our discretion.

Clients who follow our simple policies will never encounter any problems with their service. If after reading through our Acceptable Uses Policy you need clarification on any part of the terms, please feel free to e-mail us at helpdesk@worldwidecommunications.com.au so we can clear-up any questions you have.

Payment policy

All virtual accounts are to be paid for in advance for the term of service you have chosen. 
WorldWide Communications stores client credit card details securely and automatically bills at the beginning of each new hosting term.
By agreeing to this contract you are signifying your acceptance of our credit card storing and billing procedures.
Autopayment facilities are also available. Please contact WorldWide Communications for the required forms.